Wire Media is proud to announce it is the recipient of three 2019 Davey Awards, all earned through its groundbreaking work for The Solutions Project – 2018 Impact Report, a non-profit advocating for clean energy solutions around the world. Wire received three awards – a Gold Award and two Silver Awards – at the 2019 Daveys.

In 2019 – the 15th annual edition of the Davey Awards – Wire Media’s work with The Solutions Project earned:

  • A gold award for “Best Visual Appeal – Aesthetic” for their work
  • Two Silver awards in the categories for “Websites – Energy” and “Websites – Non-Profit” for The Solutions Project Website

“I’m overjoyed that the innovative, creative work we provided for The Solutions Project earned recognition from the prestigious Davey Awards,” Marcy Rye, CEO and Founder of Wire Media, said. “At Wire Media, we’re committed to providing emotional and memorable visual storytelling that moves people to action. We’re also proud to work with a growing number of nonprofits, universities, and companies committed to making a positive social impact. In this case, we couldn’t be happier that our work with a great organization like The Solutions Project is honored – not only because of the incredible efforts of our team but also because it helps to shine a light on the great cause that The Solutions Project supports.”

About the Award-Winning Work

The Solutions Project – co-founded by actor Mark Ruffalo, businessman Marco Krapels, and scientist and professor Mark Jacobson – is a non-profit that “accelerates the transition to 100% clean energy by championing a movement that is more inclusive, more collaborative, and more celebratory.” The Project’s efforts include clean energy-driven storytelling and grant-making. Funders of the project include the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, and Bill Nye; the Project’s board of directors features Ruffalo, actor Don Cheadle, Northeastern professor Shalanda Baker, and several more esteemed industry and clean energy figures.

Solutions Project enlisted the help of Wire Media to help create a creative, engaging website that would bring a distinctive and striking visual element to underscore the information presented in their 2018 Impact Report. The website needed to emphasize the report’s message on the global culture shift around green energy in a memorable form to make it memorable for viewers.

“With the 2018 Impact Report, we saw a great opportunity to take the information presented to the next level – bringing it online in a gripping fashion to underscore the message of the importance of moving towards a green energy solution,” Rye said. “I’m thrilled that our efforts earned recognition from the Davey Awards.”

For the 2018 Impact Report website, the team included:

  • Full-motion video seamlessly integrated throughout
  • Spotlight facts and statistics detailing the report’s message
  • Embedded Google Maps sections highlighting cities and states throughout the United States committing to 100% renewable energy along with distributed grants from The Solutions Project
  • A slideshow of applicable quotes from industry leaders and figures
  • Links to media coverage and a “Renewable Energy Narrative Analysis” from The Solutions Project
  • A special focus on the women leading the clean energy transition
  • Social media links to share the report and donate to the Project

About the Davey Awards

The biblical story of “Davey and Goliath” celebrates the triumph of a tenacious underdog against overwhelming odds. It’s an excellent metaphor for the challenges small branding firms around the world face – and it’s where the prestigious Davey Awards, honoring the best work of small shops around the world, gets its name from.

The Davey Awards specifically recognize the work that smaller agencies (defined as receiving billings below a certain threshold) do for clients, with honors in twelve different categories – including commercials, digital content, mobile, social, “non-broadcast,” and many more.

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