Peter G. Peterson Foundation

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation hired Wire Media to create a deceptively simple looking microsite in coordination with a billboard campaign — to inform people about the national debt and the problems it causes. We wrote, designed, and built The National Debt Clock microsite and provided code to place the same debt information on billboards in cities around the United States.

The microsite features interactive, editable, mobile-friendly charts and graphs. The debt tickers (both total national debt and personal debt amounts) are updated in real time, pulling data from an online source.

Wire Media provided the overall strategy, content creation, UX and visual design, and web development. And we brought in, managed, and coordinated among two partner teams to make all of this magic happen: Capellic (debt clock ticker code) and Software for Good (interactive charts and graphs).

We also designed a simple infographic and provided interim ongoing support for their two websites for over half a year.


  • Content Creation
  • Drupal
  • UX/UI Design
  • Data Visualization


  • Real-time code updates microsite debt clock ticker
  • Debt clock ticker for billboards too
  • Interactive, animated, editable charts and graphs
national debt ticker


debt billboard Atlanta

Debt clock billboard in Atlanta

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Cleveland debt clock billboard

Cleveland debt clock billboard

WKYC Studios - Cleveland Billboard
Des Moines debt clock billboard

Des Moines debt clock billboard

Las Vegas debt clock billboard

Las Vegas debt clock billboard

Las Vegas Review-Journal - Vegas Billboard
Milwaukee debt clock billboard

Milwaukee debt clock billboard

ABC - WISN 12 - Milwaukee Billboard
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About Peter G. Peterson Foundation

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation increases public awareness of the nature and urgency of the key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future and works to accelerate action on them.

Chart showing the dramatic growth of US national debt from 1942, projected to 2051