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A brand refresh, complete website redesign, SEO and content strategy, and research into the best CRM and events management solution resulted in speedy growth for this organization.

This project took about two years to complete. We began with a thorough discovery process, interviewing stakeholders, researching events and CRM tools, and working through personas and strategic priorities. We conducted SEO research and devised an SEO strategy to maintain their already strong rankings and help improve as well. We also conducted some branding exercises, redesigned the logo while remaining true to the original, and refreshed the brand overall to give it a more modern, fresh appeal.

The site is built on WordPress. It uses Wire Media’s Flex System which allows editors to easily create flexible page layouts that maintain the brand look and feel. The site is integrated with Salesforce. Salesforce passes in data for the program calendar and practitioner listing. The rest of the content is managed via WordPress. Wire Media took a lead role in directing the Salesforce team as to how various features should work, and how the data should be sent.

The original site was at least 15 years old, with outdated tech. Part of our job included rebuilding the Enneagram Test, improving how it works, and making it easier for editors to update its content. The Test is their primary way to engage new people. Following that people purchase courses and other instruction.

After launch, they signed up for our Care Package support plan that provides proactive, ongoing improvements to the website.



  • Accessibility
  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Wordpress


  • Custom Enneagram test
  • Salesforce integration to display events and practitioners
  • Robust search and filtering options
  • Event content design to accommodate a wide range of event types
images of Enneagram website pages on various devices


events listing

Program Calendar

This pulls in data from Salesforce so client can manage event registration data there. On the Wordpress side, we parse the data to display it on the page and to provide a series of options for search and filtering.

View the Calendar
Teacher listing

Find a Teacher of Practitioner

This pulls in data from Salesforce, so teachers can login their to edit their profiles and their data remains connected with other CRM information. On Wordpress we display the information and make it searchable, with filter options.

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About The Narrative Enneagram

What distinguishes great providers from good ones are their communication skills, and Wire Media was great to work with.

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